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How to update microchip details uk free download. If you call our amendments hotline we are able to search for your pet's details, but as there are multiple databases in the UK it will help to have the MicroChip number. If you have the MicroChip number then we can help direct you to the appropriate database, even if the pet is not registered with the UK PETtrac MicroChip Database.

To update your details Click here to go to The Petlog Website page Type the microchip number in and make the necessary changes (a payment may be required) If the microchip number is not registered on the Petlog database then it will give you a link to either Anibase or PETtrac.

Over eight million pet owners trust Petlog with their information, and so do we. At The Vet we use the Petlog database to store your pet’s details. Once your pet has been microchipped at The Vet, the team will add your microchip information to Petlog, this is the United Kingdom’s largest database, run by the Kennel Club. Updating your details Once you have the microchip number and the database that it’s attached to, the process of changing the details is straightforward and can be done online.

There is generally a fee for changing your details. Some companies offer membership for unlimited changes and some charge each time. Pet Chip Registry. Register Your Pet's Microchip to be found within the UK National Pet Microchip Registration Database, Pet Chip Registry registers all brands of pet microchips, Ownership Look-up, Register microchip online, ID tags. Updating your details.

You can update your email address, mobile and daytime telephone numbers free of charge. You just need to login to your account to update them. Updating your address. It is critical that the address where you keep your pet is kept completely up to date, so that you can be successfully reunited, if your pet is lost and then. The best way to check and update your details is through your Petlog account. Log in or create an account below. UK PETtrac MicroChip Database You can be fined up to £ if your dog is registered on a database that is not on the list.

Your dog must still wear a collar and tag with your name and address. I've had to change my mobile number and I need to update the microchip database details.

I can't find the paperwork, the vet scanned them for me so I have the chip numbers. Identify With Which UK Pet MicroChip Database The MicroChip Might Be Registered.

How to Check and Update Your Pet's Microchip Information. Checking & updating your contact info for your pet's registered microchip is a simple 3-step process (as outlined below). You'll want to bookmark this page in case you ever move or change your email address or phone number, as these are all situations where you'll want to update your. UK Microchip Providers Contacts Once you know your dog's microchip number and provider you need to get in touch with them to check the details.

Most providers will let you update by phone, online or post. Here are the contact details for the various UK microchip providers. Pet Microchip Update, UK Once your pet's microchip is registered, your contact information will be accessible at the National Pet Microchip Registration Database for as long as you own your pet.

Get registered, create a page for your pet and get searchable today. Alternatively, download a change of details form, print it off, complete it and post or fax it through to the UK PETtrac Database. Click here to generate a change of keeper form now Upon receipt of the paperwork PETtrac will update your pet's MicroChip record and issue a new certificate to you. If you've moved to the UK from overseas. Charges for updating your chip details vary across the microchip databases.

If you aren’t sure who your chip details are registered with, you can call any of the companies listed on our below and they will be able to tell you which company you need to contact: UK Microchip Databases.

identibase ; PetIdentity UK Updating Your Pet's MicroChip Details It is really simple to update the pet MicroChip number () with the UK PETtrac Database, just click on the appropriate heading below. New owner / keeper of the pet New address / telephone numbers. How to update microchip details. Updating your pet’s microchipping details is simple, and you can make these changes online or by calling the database company which requires a small payable fee: The main UK database companies are: identibase.

; PetIdentity UK. ; PetLog. ; Pet Protect. ; Pettrac. I've had my horse for years now but thought that when you changed the ownership on the passport, it automatically updates the microchip details - silly me! Apparently you have to do it manually So I thought I would need to contact the microchipping company and it would be easy, but my horse's (Irish) passport just has the microchip number.

The purpose of this website and campaign is to encourage pet owners to update their pet's MicroChip details on the 24hr UK PETtrac pet MicroChip Database. Sadly it is all too common that pet owners move address or change telephone numbers and forget to notify PETtrac of their new contact details. I need to update my details on my pet's microchip. If your pet is already microchipped and registered on the Microchip Central database, you can update the details on your account.

This means you can change your address should you move, or update your phone number or email address. A dog or cat microchip is only effective if the correct owner and address information are linked to the microchip number in one of the 12 UK government-approved databases. If you've moved house or just acquired a new pet, we'll explain how to change the details of your pet's microchip. Charges for updating your contact details will vary across microchip database providers. If you are unsure of who your microchip provider is, please contact one of the below databases who will be able to tell you who you are registered with or try So, the best thing to do is to check on and type in the microchip number.

This will tell you which database the chip is registered with. Owners will then need to contact the correct database to update any details, which sometimes incurs a small cost. How do I change my horse’s microchip details? To transfer the Microchip registration details to yourself, you can either: 1) Ask the previous keeper to initiate the transfer of keepership.

They will need your email address and contact number to start the transfer of keepership from within their Microchip Central account. You will receive an email and text with a unique link allowing you to. How much does it cost to microchip a cat? In the UK, you can expect to pay anywhere between £20 and £30, depending on where you live. Speak to your local vet for details, or get in touch with your local rescue centre or cat charity. Often, charities and reputable cat rescue organisations may be able to microchip your cat for a reduced rate.

Pet microchip databases charge an admin fee of between £6 and £20 to change and update dogs’ details. Some will charge you each time you want to change your details, and others charge an upfront fee that covers all changes for the whole of your dog’s life. Pet Chip Registry Register Your Pet's Microchip to be found within the National, Microchip Registration Database, Pet Chip Registry Registers all brands of pet microchips, Ownership Look-up, Register microchip online, ID tags, Lost pet network.

The easiest way to change your contact details is to search Pet Address using your pet’s microchip number. Pet Address will redirect you to the database that lists your pet’s microchip number so that you may contact them directly. Some registries. Update your details as many times as you wish, covering the whole of your pet's life - completely free of charge!

Transfer your details onto your pets microchip instantly and keep details We have an expert team on hand 24/7 at our UK pet recovery centre who are here to help if your pet is lost or stolen. Secure Database.

Failing to update dog's microchip details costs pet owner £ Published Novem pm A dog owner who failed to get his pet microchipped after it strayed has been left £ out of pocket. Microchipping became compulsory in the UK in April and, since then, it's thought that 90% of dogs have been microchipped.

But, out of that majority, only 29% have accurate contact details on the database. Making sure all information is correct on a pet's microchip is also now a legal requirement, so it appears that many owners could be at. Updating your details Once you have the microchip number and the database that it’s attached to, the process of changing the details is straightforward and can be done online.

There is generally a fee for changing your details. Some companies offer membership for unlimited changes and. The microchip number is stored digitally within the microchip that has been implanted in the animal. If someone uses a microchip scanner to scan the animal then the microchip number will be displayed. Vets, Welfare Organisations, Dog Wardens and many others will have access to a microchip scanner.

If your cat came to us with a microchip already implanted, you will need to contact the relevant database in order to update your details. If you are unsure which database holds your new cat’s details, you can enter the number here to find out. Cost of Registering a Pet Microchip. We recently bought a new dog and she came with a microchip already implanted. (She’s a lovely dog, by the way) The puppy pack included a little card with the microchip number and a link to the site where you can register your pet’s details.

In our case the card was from a company called SmartTrace. A pet microchip is a small computer chip that contains a unique code and matches to your pet’s details. The chip is placed under the skin of your pet and is usually a quick and easy procedure. Once the chip is in place, a handheld electronic device or scanner can detect the chip and will recognise the unique information that is held on the chip. Hi, Seems Petlog are mentioned this the Central Data Base for UK PetLog is the national central database run by the Kennel Club "if your pet is microchipped, don't forget to inform Petlog, who manage the central database, if you move house or change any details including your mobile phone number.

The Check-a-Chip service will then analyse the MicroChip number and return the contact details for the most likely point of registration for the MicroChip. This new service is also useful when you just need to locate the database for a pet owner so that they can update the database records.

To use the check-a-chip service simply call 77 Simply type the microchip number in the search field; then click to search. If your number is found in one of the databases you will be directed to the database for further information.

If your beloved pet is microchipped it is imperative your contact details are kept current with the microchip database. Update Chip Details Keep your pet’s microchip details up to date Keeping your contact details up to date on a government approved database is vital for providing the best chance of reuniting with your pet if they ever go missing, as these details link back to their microchip.

There’s a one-off payment which you make to your vet when the chip is implanted – this includes the cost of your details being stored on the PETtrac database for life. However, a small charge will be made if you need to update your details. Call PETtrac on for more information. The vet or organisation you choose to microchip your dog will use a microchip assigned to a specific database, such as or You must contact then to ensure that your latest address and contact details are registered on the database.

Identibase ® is the UK’s original and most advanced Pet Database, registering your pet’s details could not be easier Register Identifind ® is an enhanced reunification service for pet’s registered on identibase ® and offers invaluable assistance from our dedicated team 24/7, days a year. update the passport’s details if they change, for example if you have a new microchip put in your horse Replace a lost passport Contact the Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) that issued the.

A microchip is a passive transponder which uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) technology. Pet-ID microchips are Swiss engineered and manufactured to Pet-ID’s specification with a frequency of kHz conforming with ISO / standards which are required by UK regulations and those of EU countries and most other. Microchipping is now compulsory for all dogs in England and Wales. To be effective, this scheme relies heavily on owners checking their dog's microchip details and remembering to keep them up to date.

It is vitally important to check your dog's microchip and make sure that the details stored are correct and up to date. Transfer your details onto your pets microchip instantly and keep details up to date via your online account.

24/7 Helpline. We have an expert team on hand 24/7 at our UK pet recovery centre who are here to help if your pet is lost or stolen Your SmartTrace online account allows you to update your details easily and instantly. Whether you. • You can update your contact details by contacting the pet microchip registry your pet is enrolled with. Visit the company’s website for information on updating. When you search a pet microchip number, the system automatically checks all compliant pet microchip databases in real-time to identify which pet microchip databases hold the registration details.

You will then be able to contact the database that holds the registration details to identify the registered keeper, change the keepership or update. Understanding How a Microchip Works. First, it’s important to clarify how a microchip works.

When a microchip is implanted in your pet, the chip comes with a unique identification number that will remain associated with the pet for eternity, similar to a social security number that . - How To Update Microchip Details Uk Free Download © 2013-2021